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About Us

Since its inception in 1942, M.Govind & Sons (MGS) have made one break through after another. Starting as automobile and machinery engineers, MGS soon moved into other areas of specialisation. In 1964, MGS designed and developed a Tobacco Redrying Plant to process high quality Virginia Tobacco with a capacity of 1000kg/Hr.Now MGS is fully geared up for manufacturing this product with a capacity upto 6000 Kg/hr. This MGS product won the 1971 National Award for the Best Import Substitution from the Govt. of India. Since then these plants have been exported to Indonesia, Bangladesh' and Nepal

Earlier, MGS had made a key breakthrough in producing its high pressure Hydraulic Triplex Plunger Pump for testing high-pressure boilers to drive hydraulic presses etc. which is used extensively in handling non-aggressive fluids. This Pump won the Best import Sustitution Award in 1977at the All India Industrial Exhibition, Hyderabad.

Soon, MGS came out with the Hydraulic Cotton Baling Press. The first Press in India Introduced in the year 1973, with a capacity of 10 bales/Hr, each 48.8" X 18.89" X18.89" in size and weighing 170 Kg. In 1977,MGS introduced primary &Secondary Presses with a capacity of 25-30 bales/Hr. This high perĀ­formance machine went on to win the Best Import substitution award in 1986 at the All India Industrial Exhibition, Hyderabad.

Today, MGS is geared up to face the needs of changing India. As and when Industrial needs arise, MGS will be ready to meet them.

Needless to add , there are more breakthroughs and awards in the offing for MGS.


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